I go hard listening to Green Day (aka, TDC day 14)

My love of music and my love of running basically go hand-in-hand.

When I was merely an awkward freshman child who was testing out the whole “running” thing for the first time, I wasn’t able to run far or long. Basically, I would end up laying down in a field about a mile away from my house and think about how much my life sucked.

Getting my first iPod changed the way I ran.

For some reason, maybe because I didn’t have to listen to my uneven breathing or maybe because I could match my stride to a rhythm, listening to music as I ran gave me the ability to go farther and farther each day, until I was running a few miles instead of a couple of miles. Pretty soon, a few miles became 5, 7, 9 miles, and I was able to place at state cross country my sophomore year of high school. Plus, I was able to rock out to some super hard stuff like Green Day and Blink-182. I was basically a punk rocker.

While I no longer listen to music while I run, mostly because running with headphones in is directly related to getting hit by cars, music still gives me the motivation to get out there and pound some pavement, and gives me an idea of what I’m missing in life by being a cross country runner. You see, as a runner, I don’t have a ton of experience with most typical college activities. I get 9 hours of sleep a night and rarely leave my room (I’m just too tired, yo). Music broadens my horizons to those experiences that happen after midnight, when I’m safely in bed, and helps me realize that I’m really not missing out on much.

Music has changed my life by transforming my running, and also letting me know that hey, that “going outside of your room” lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


This lady may look fatigued, but I bet she’s rocking out to some hard stuff, like maybe Creed. (Photo CC by Ed Yourdon)


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