I’m a yogi!! (lol jk)

Wow… what an incredible journey. And I’m not being the least bit sarcastic.


When I typed “journey” into Flickr, this was one of the first things that showed up and I was like, “That’s pretty neat. I’ll put that in.” (Photo CC by James Jordan)

When I began my passion-based learning project, I was pretty stoked to get back into yoga. In my mind, periods of my life when I was devoted to yoga correlate with times when I was notably happy, content, and sure of my direction in life, and I was craving a little bit of that jazz at the beginning of the semester. I was still pretty new here at Chadron, and just wanted to discover some sense of belonging, some sense that I was in the right place. It might seem a little strange to gain these feelings through practicing yoga, but my mind works in strange ways sometimes.

While I cannot contribute my successful semester solely to yoga, I think it had some small part in helping me feel comfortable at Chadron. On the days when I practiced yoga in the morning, I was more alert, more centered, and more apt to treating each day like a gift and being open to whatever or whoever I encountered that day. In addition, I think doing yoga gave me a little edge in my running, and helped me achieve some major PRs this season. (Along with, like, running a lot. That’s usually pretty important to being a better runner.)


This could be me, doing yoga on the beach, but I live in Chadron. (Photo CC by Nathan Rupert)

I didn’t have any major issues with motivating myself to hit the mat, as I had already begun incorporating yoga into my life before I began this project. The hard part for me will be continuing to do yoga once it’s no longer a requirement for this class. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved doing yoga and I have made some great gains over the semester, but we all know that life gets busy. Some things get pushed to the side, and others get forgotten completely. This summer, I will be dealing with a pretty full schedule, what with working and getting all my workouts in for cross country. It makes me sad to think that I may end up slacking on my yoga practice, but sometimes that’s the way life goes. At least at some point in the future, I’ll probably get the urge to pick up the practice again, and undertake another wonderful yogic journey.

A lot of my dedication to yoga came from the YouTube instructor I chose, Yoga with Adriene. Adriene is funny, smart, and most of all, stresses practicing yoga in a way that makes YOU feel good, not in a way that looks impressive. I have to admit, I may have shed a little tear on the last day of my 30 day yoga challenge with Adriene, even though it’s pretty illogical because I can just start the challenge again sometime in the future (technology is wonderful in that way). I know that I haven’t ever met Adrienne, but I feel like she’s been a friend and motivator to me throughout this semester, and that if we ever meet in real life, we’ll hit it off.


Just Adriene, giving you a yogic thumbs-up.

I can see myself using this passion-based learning project in my classroom, but with little modifications. Since I plan on being a science teacher, I can’t just let my students pursue anything they please, unless they’re clever and find a way to tie it into science somehow. Instead, I think I would give my students a wide range of scientific topics, from the use of stem cells to the ecological impacts of fracking, and let them do research into the matter. I’d let them form their own opinions about the topic, and at the end of the year, have them give a little presentation detailing what they learned and why the feel the way they do about it. In this way, my students would learn real-world applications of classroom lessons and have their minds broadened to how exciting our world can be.

I have a bittersweet feeling of sadness mixed with contentment about the end of this leg of my yoga journey. On one hand, I know that I can continue to grow and learn in yoga, and become an eventual yogi (lol probs not). On the other hand, I’ll miss this community of people we’ve built in the class, and the support we’ve given one another on our journeys. I’ve truly enjoyed learning about everyone’s passions, and seeing how we’ve all grown in our learning and teaching abilities. I’m so grateful we all got the opportunity to be in this class, and I hope you all have the best of luck in your future endeavors.

As for me, I’ll be running around, maybe doing a little yoga, and enjoying the journey of life without anticipating any preconceived destinations.



Incorporating last week’s project… into this week’s blog! How clever Maggie!


One thought on “I’m a yogi!! (lol jk)

  1. I love how you said you have a mixed feeling of ending the independent learning project. Honestly, I have the same feelings. This is why I think independent learning projects are so wonderful. Perhaps the reason they create in us feeling of sadness when they are over is because we experienced true learning and teaching. Thank you for your diligence and passion to help us all center ourselves and learn about Yoga. It has been a blessing to learn from you.

    I wish you all the best in the years to come. I pray you will be able to follow your dreams of teaching.


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