This Digital Story Thang

Well I mean, being a runner, I’ve gotta compare my learning journey to my running journey.

And I’ve got to admit, I do love talking about myself.

Some of these pictures and some of this information about myself isn’t stuff I would usually share, but something about this class makes me feel honest and open.

My story may not be super revolutionary, but hey, it’s the only one I have.

Now, some credits (because I didn’t want to include them in the video because the music had already ended):

The first picture was taken by my lovely friend, Therese Frels, at the SD Mines Bauer Open track meet, where I ran the 5k and got what possibly might be my sole collegiate track victory.

The second picture is Creative Commons, courtesy of Daniel Eynis.

The third picture is also Creative Commons, courtesy of quimby.

The fourth picture was also taken by the lovely Therese Frels (obviously, I was proud of this race).

The fifth picture is stock from

The sixth photo is courtesy of

The seventh photo is courtesy of

The eighth picture is from… honestly it’s a mystery to me. Plz don’t sue me for improper citation.

The ninth picture is from my high school running career. Not sure who took it, but props to them.

The tenth picture is CC courtesy of circulating.

Eleventh is from nowhere I remember.

Twelfth is from

Thirteenth is another lovely Therese Frels snapshot.

Fourteenth is my lovely cross country ladies here at Chadron.

Fifteenth is a big part of my running motivation, my Uncle Pete who went to Hyannis High School. He was so fast and got so many records they had to start putting ditto signs on the board because they didn’t have enough letters to put his name up there like five times. Pete passed away in a plane crash four years ago almost to the day, and I like to run because he can’t anymore. I’m just trying to do it for everyone who isn’t able to, and I don’t take it for granted because of this.

The last picture… you guessed it. Courtesy of my lovely little Therese.

And the song is “Boys Chase,” as performed by Ingrid Michaelson.

So yeah, these credits are boring, so just watch my video. It’s alright, I promise.

PS: Sorry I didn’t get this finished by Sunday at midnight, but late night Sunday in a dorm room is not the optimal time/place for a good wifi connection.



2 thoughts on “This Digital Story Thang

  1. Well done, I loved watching your journey. The connection you made to running fit into you digital story beautifully. I especially like the part about visiting national parks and how those experiences have molded you as a learner. Thank you for sharing your story.


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